1,000 Miles Away

6:08 PM

After flying back from the Bahamas, we took the next day to pack up the trailer and say goodbye to family. The next morning we hit the road at 4:30AM, stopping a little over halfway in Flagstaff, AZ around 6:30pm. It was our first time staying at a KOA campground together. In the freezing wind we pitched our tent, blew up our mattress and zipped up our king-size sleeping bag.

The next morning we headed out early, hoping to get to our apartment by 3pm. Twelve miles from home, however, the trailer tire blew, shredding rubber along the highway. The fact that we were so close was agonizing, but a blessing, as we were able to unhitch the trailer, drive to Sam's Club, pick up a tire, and bring it back. As if we weren't exhausted enough, we still unpacked the trailer that night. Spencer was a trooper, getting up at 4:30 for work the next day.

Roswell, New Mexico is where we now call home. We have slowly been settling in, with empty cardboard boxes strewn across our apartment, but only a few still loaded.
Scalloped potatoes, chicken, and salad

I (Kaley) took advantage of the few days I had here before starting my new job, by unpacking and cooking dinner each night for my hard-working husband who slaves long hours in the hot New Mexican sun. 

Pro-Cuts, the salon I am now employed at, reminds me of my first salon job, being a strict, franchise-type salon. While not as rewarding as renting a booth in Auburn with my repeat clientele, I am glad to be working again and helping bring in money. 
BLT Pizza

I have come to appreciate how much my mother, grandmother, aunts, and so many others do each day (with not only a husband, but a handful of kids). Being married, while I realized would not be easy, is a lot more work than I had anticipated. Waking up to make breakfast for my husband, working, running errands, coming home to make dinner, cleaning our home and spending as much time together as we can, leaves one exhausted by the time it is 9 o'clock.

Marriage has been teaching us a lot. I did not expect it to be so different than being in a dating relationship, but it truly is. Your first priority has suddenly become your spouse. There is an expectation for you to treat that person respectfully at all times and always think of them first. It puts you on the never-ending road to selflessness. 

We have enjoyed reading books together (even before we got married) on how to treat each other and behave in marriage. Striving to be a better wife for my husband, I have personally been propelled through quite the growing process, starting from the day I said "I do." I can honestly say that I love Spencer more today than the day we got married. 

There is so much growth we are capable of. We look forward to go through this journey of life for the rest of our days. It has been such a joy and learning experience, and I look forward to each new day married to the most wonderful man I have ever met. I would not trade this for the world.

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