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Kaley and Spencer are both native to the Auburn, CA area. Little did they know, when meeting at a local 4H gathering years ago, that they were meeting their future spouse.
Both came from a similar background, having big families, being homeschooled, and with an assortment of animals to tend each day. They have a mutual interest in outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, geocaching, and camping. Their families have been in the same area for quite some time. Kaley's grandfather's pest control business actually serviced Spencer's grandfather. On this same property, Spencer's parents raised their children.

Kaley, the oldest of five children, was taught to be a self starter. Growing up, she was the goat-milker, along with taking care of the family's horses. Having an ear for music, she was taught to play violin and piano, and taught herself a few other instruments along the way. She attended Sierra College at 15 1/2 years of age for 3 semesters before beauty college. Choosing the road to become a licensed Cosmetologist was a spur of the moment decision for her. One that she has no regret. She was able to attend beauty school through California's Regional Occupational Program, thus graduating high school and beauty college about the same time. She has worked in a few franchise salons, as well as running her own business renting a booth in a salon in Downtown Auburn.

Spencer, a Portland born boy, moved with his family to California at a young age. He was very involved in 4H activities and through their local Christian church, was homeschooled until he graduated high school. Working at a Mr. Pickles sandwich shop in Auburn, he managed to impress the owner with his work ethic and honesty, and was promoted to assistant manager. Being a natural when it came to monkey-ing up trees and various structures, a career as a lineman was the obvious choice. He graduated from Northwest Lineman College in Oroville, CA in July of 2013, after a jam-packed 4 months of exhausting training and diligent studying. Despite the gruesome heat and physical and mental drainage, he graduated with a 4.0 and perfect attendance. He even completed the school's daunting "Iron Lineman Challenge". With the experience and certification he gained from his schooling under his belt, he acquired a job with ARC Powerline Construction in New Mexico in January of 2014. Two days after getting the job offer call from the boss man, he made the 20 hour drive to his new home. He has since been working 10-12 hour shifts, with 1-2 days off each week.

The distance of one thousand miles, although foreseen, was not allowed to last long with this couple. With this long awaited job in his career field, Spencer was now ready to pop the question. In February, he took a couple days off to fly to Cali and put a ring on it.

Spencer told Kaley that he would need to be picked up from the airport at noon on Thursday. Kaley, anxious and excited, couldn't wait to be done with her Wednesday clients on February fifth. Spencer's mom, Laurie, had asked to be her last client of the day so she could take her out to lunch. After ordering lunch to go from Mr. Pickles, Laurie asked Kaley if she wanted to hike. Kaley, taken aback, agreed and spewed off ideas of where they could go. Laurie subtly suggested Weimar Institute and Kaley agreed.
Getting out of the car, Kaley was confused why they still hadn't eaten their lunch yet, considering the fact that Laurie had repeated said how she was starving.
"What is that?" Laurie asked, pointing to the truck they had parked alongside.
Kaley glanced over, seeing a rose left on the truck's hood, thinking how sweet it was of somebody to leave for their lover. She then noticed a yellow piece of paper attached with the rose...with her name on it. Her firing synapses made the connection rather quickly. The lunch they had picked up...was that not for her and Laurie?
"Dear Kaley, This rose starts a new journey for you. Follow the roses to a new beginning. With much love, Spencer Barrow."
She needed to see his face. He was here! Head still swirling, she turned to his mom.
"What is going on?" Kaley asked, thinking it was too good to be true.
Laurie, snapping pictures of Kaley with her SLR camera she had just "happened" to bring, shrugged her shoulders innocently.
Kaley could hardly keep the grin off her face as she looked around the Institute.
"Shall we start walking?" Laurie suggested.
Because Kaley had no better idea of what she was supposed to do, she consented.
The pair had not gone but a few yards, before Laurie pointed out a rose entangled in the chain link fence, upon entering the Institute grounds.
Giddy with excitement, Kaley pulled it out.
At a split in the trail, they happened upon another. And so this continued at every split; the roses guiding their path. Kaley's load continued to grow, until her hands were filled with over one dozen beautiful red roses. It took everything in her not to sprint down the manzanita enclosed trail.
Finally, after what seemed to Kaley a very short (although actually far) hike, but much too long of time, she spotted the man she loved in the distance. She stopped in her tracks. There he was!
As she made her way to him, Spencer's dad came out from behind a tree, with another camera and a big smile. Kaley had eyes for only Spencer, who was standing in the middle of a heart made from roses. She wrapped her arms around him, and they held each other tight. It had been way too long. With Kaley refusing to let go, it fell upon Spencer to end the hug. He was anxious to do the deed. He professed words of love, telling her she was his best friend.
With that, Spencer dropped to his knee and asked if Kaley would marry him.
The rest is history. Or better stated...the beginning.

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