Memorial Weekend

8:23 AM

Little Apache Trailhead
Figuring in to the equation that we do not have two days off of work together very often, we elected to go camping in Cloudcroft for Memorial weekend, leaving Saturday after I got off work.

Hottie manning the fire
Spencer was my hero and packed just about everything for us while I was working, so we could leave immediately after I got off. Picking me up in my Camry, we were on our way by 6:15pm.

My Camry did not even wait until we were out of town before protesting yet another road trip. It switched on it's check engine light and forced us to turn around to get it check out. Something is apparently wrong with the catalytic converter. Not letting it damper our plans, we drove back to the apartment and moved our paraphernalia over to his Corolla and took off (after he replaced the bulb in his headlight).

Hot chocolate in the mornings
Reading to me
We made it to the campground around 10:30pm. We set up our tent and went straight to bed.

We had a late-for-camping start to the next day. It was not only deserved, but needed. It was enjoyable cooking our meals over the fire during our stay. Hot chocolate, banana boats, corn on the cob, and barbecued chicken are some of the edibles that make camping memorable. We went on a hike, played card games, read a book together and had deep and light-hearted discussions.

Cloudcroft is a beautiful area in the mountains (with elevation over 8,500), with mixed pine and aspen trees. It was definitely worth the trip.

On our hike
Next Sunday, however, we very much look forward to not going anywhere.

Thank you to those who have died defending our country! We would not have the freedom to host barbecues, go camping or experience all of the freedom we have without your sacrifice.

I would also like to thank my incredible hubby who, upon arriving home, did the dishes, folded and put away all the laundry. I do not deserve this man! The way he works for our family and serves unselfishly every day amazes me.


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Gooey goodness!
Banana boats

Handsome husband!

Fantastic weekend!

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