Our Honeymoon

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We spent our honeymoon in Nassau, Bahamas. Breezes, the all-inclusive hotel we stayed at, had great service. Gorging ourselves at their almost 24/7 buffet and two other restaurants, we came to the conclusion that the all-inclusiveness was definitely worth it. We took out one of their paddle boats right off of their beach on to the bluest water we had ever seen. One could see clearly 100ft down.
Snorkeling in the ocean was something we both wanted to experience. The company we bought the excursion from picked us up from our hotel and we took a ride on their boat about 25mins off the coast. We brought a bag of fish food to entice the fish closer, and got to see a variety of colorful fish and even a sting-ray!
The roads in Nassau are small and contain plentiful roundabouts and one-way streets. We caught a ride on a packed bus for $1.25 per person, explored downtown and saw the sites. Definitely take the bus if you ever visit Nassau! Trying to navigate through the traffic there would have been a nightmare! Everybody speeds and nobody is afraid to cut you off. The buses have a flat front, so they make use of it by getting extra close and tailgating. It took a while to get used to being driven around the chaos.

They had live bands at our hotel night which we enjoyed dancing to and could even hear from our room (which had a view of the ocean).
We felt spoiled and would definitely go back!
Our layover on the way home was in New York, so we took opportunity and caught the subway to get a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty! The subway itself was quite an adventure. The Staten Island Ferry is free to take to go by the statue and we were at the front of the line for it, when we came to the conclusion that we wouldn't have time before our next flight. We settled with viewing it from land. We are incredibly thankful not to be living there, although it was fun to visit for a few hours.

Airport band

Straw Market

Queen's Staircase 

Fort Fincastle


New York

Lady Liberty

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