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With both of us working full time and different schedules, Sundays have become our only uninterrupted time together. We have been trying to make the most of them.

Two weekends ago, we met Spencer's parents in Arizona and saw Hoover Dam. It was a nice visit, and an impressive work of engineering. We love visiting with family!

On the way back, the car decided we haven't had enough trouble and started smoking. Popping up the hood, it was clear that the coolant had emptied itself on to the engine. We made a phone call to Triple A and had them tow us a few towns farther, to a shop that happened to be open Sundays (lucky for us). After a few hours, we were on our way again, getting in later than planned again, but safe.

Last Sunday we drove about an hour west to Ruidoso to climb out of the 100 degree weather and be among the trees and mountains we so miss.  It was beautiful. After some backtracking through the town, we finally found the road to take us to Grindstone Lake. We hiked 7 miles around the lake, happy to be spending time outdoors. Although it reminded us of California, the over-sized bugs, wind, and other contributing factors gave it it's own uniqueness.

We stopped for dinner on the way home, and were accosted by the waiter. He stood above our table and talked about himself at least half of the time we were in the diner. Not only was it awkward to have him standing there staring at us, but we felt as if we could not start on our meal until he decided he had sufficiently explained his life story and left us in peace. Maybe that is how he was taught to work for a tip.

This weekend we both have Sunday and Monday off for Memorial Day! We are considering camping past Riodoso, as we have heard it is beautiful and full of aspen trees (our favorite). But we are also tempted to finally just take a weekend to relax and finish setting up the apartment. Either way, I will keep you posted. Have a great weekend everyone - we miss you!
Crepes. Because there has to be a picture of food. I have been enjoying cooking for my hard-working husband.

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