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Roswell is an interesting city. One that we probably will not come back to once we leave, but will make the best of in the meantime. We have learned some interesting things from the locals.

In case you were not already aware, Roswell is famous for being the UFO capitol. Even though the alleged UFO crash-landed 75 miles away from town. Similar to Tahoe's wooden bears decorating the streets and outside buildings, Roswell sports frequently-spotted neon-green wooden aliens. The lamp posts on Main Street watch tourists with their alien eyes, and the town's hotels and fast food restaurants advertise with "UFO Parking." We are not in a rush to visit the UFO museum here.

I talk to a wide varitey of the population in Roswell, including an ambulance driver. I mentioned how scary the crime rate here is. He nodded in agreement, explaining that on the FBI's crime list for cities with a population of 40,000 to 60,000, Roswell leads in 7 categories. As if I was not worried before... We are looking forward to when I turn 21 next month. I can not wait to buy some hand guns and get my conceal carry permit.

They have a variety of bugs, coming in all shapes and sizes. Luckily we have heard centipedes that can be two feet long are closer to Texas. But we have seen our fair share of other creepy crawlies. We ran over a giant tarantula on our way back from Ruidoso a couple weekends ago; that is the road kill here: giant bugs. You can not seem to go for a jog here without running through a few swarms of flying insects either.

Yesterday we saw the temperature get to 107 degrees. Hello, June! Luckily the heat does not effect you as much as it would if it was humid. The dry heat seems to be more bearable - you are not immediately wet when stepping out the door. We woke up early to "beat the heat" and drove to a nearby park to kick a soccer ball around and get our cardio in. No road trips this weekend - we stuck close to home, got our shopping done and chores around our apartment. It was a nice change.

Flooded on-street parking
Roswell actually had a nice storm though last weekend. It was the scariest we have witnessed. Continuous flashes of lightning in your face, accompanied by booming thunder. They broke their rain-record from 1991 in that single night. The ground in this town did not know what to do with this water as it rarely comes in contact with it. It flooded parking lots and driveways, but it took only a couple days to be back to dust.

They have grown even taller since.
Our first plant was inspired by Pinterest. I was tipped off that if you save the bulbs of green onions and put them in a cup of water, they will grow back! I am here to tell you that I have tried and tested this and can confirm the validity of this helpful hint. They had grown a bit before our camping trip, but we were shocked when we came home and they were just as big as when I had bought them originally! So yes...our one plant is a green onion. Hey, do not judge, I feel proud of my green thumb... Putting it in a cup of water is a lot of work.

Spencer has been keeping busy at work and impressing the bosses. I am so proud of that man. They have been increasing his responsibility and it is sure to help him resume-wise. The past two weeks he worked over 25 hours of overtime. I do not know how they work such long hours in this heat. Spencer also saw his first rattlesnake of the season on a job site. Let's hope those knee-high boots do not have to be put to the test in that way.

My job has been working me full time. I have been having Thursdays and Sundays off. Unfortunately it has made our time together more scarce, having only the late evenings and Sunday together, but we make it count. Most days I work until 7, but occasionally I get off at 5:30 or 6. The nice thing about being in this field, I get to talk to a lot of people. When I want to know where the best place is to go for such-and-such I have a number of people whom I am able to ask throughout the day. I get the low-down on the town. The shop is non-stop most Fridays and Saturdays. The weekdays, on the other hand, the town busy working and seem to be on the slower-side.

I have come home after work to find Spencer has made us dinner on multiple occasions. He is a life-saver. He is mastering his mom's recipe for home-made pizza (from scratch). Not much beats coming home to home-made pizza by your husband.

I love making smoothies
Finding new recipes and cooking for him is something I have been having fun trying. For example, I came home on a lunch break last week and threw ingredients in the crock pot and we enjoyed orange-chicken for dinner with rice and green beans. We have a super nice rice-cooker we got as a gift from our wedding that has a delay-timer, so I was able to put the rice and water in, set it delayed for 5 hours, and came home to cooked rice on "keep warm" waiting for us.

We do our laundry on the apartment premises, paying via quarters. The dryers are a pain, forcing us to split one washer load in to two separate dryers in only the hopes that it will be sufficiently dry. Even so, there is the occasional shirt and pants that have not let go of their water. An iron is something we have sorely needed to get the wrinkles out, and we finally had the time to buy one yesterday. Spencer's heavy work outfits were the worst at holding on to water, thus wrinkling something fierce. I feel so much better sending him off to work now that it does not look like his wife is neglecting him. 

We are finally starting on writing the better-late-than-never thank you cards for our wedding. Just know that we have not forgotten about you, we are just struggling to find the time. Okay, and yes, the motivation to sit down and get them done. But it is finally happening!

Hope all is well with all of you! Lots of love.

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