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Spencer and I went to see "How to Train Your Dragon 2" last Sunday. It is a cute movie. We loved it; I even liked it better than the first! Movies are significantly cheaper here than in Cali - including the food! We went to Roswell's new theater, Icon Cinema. The popcorn, no matter what size you get, is unlimited (and self serve). It also boasts comfy leather, reclining seats.

We didn't get food, however, because we had just indulged in home-made cinnamon rolls, courtesy of Spencer. That boy can cook when he wants to. He has also mastered making pizza from scratch.

We have now registered both of our cars in New Mexico. Spencer changed the plates Saturday. In New Mexico, you are only required to have a back license plate. Not a fan of the colors on them though.

Yesterday, I made banana bread. We looove banana bread! It is especially good with my grandmother's home-made raspberry jam.

We have been playing tennis 3-4 times a week, and are finally starting to see improvement! Since we have never had a formal lesson, I looked up videos on YouTube for us to watch on how to hold the racket properly, how to serve, etc. We were practicing what we learned for about 45mins a couple weeks ago, when a couple who had just finished playing, came over. I am guessing they felt sorry for us, as they watched me having trouble serving like the guy on YouTube. They introduced themselves, saying they were tennis coaches at Roswell High School (as if I was not embarrassed enough). They kindly took the time to give us a mini-lesson and a few pointers. At first, it seemed following their guidance made it harder. But the next time we played, it was much smoother sailing. With practicing what we have learnt over the last couple weeks, it is rewarding to finally have that visible improvement, and more fun.

Spencer saw this "little" guy today while out working. 7 inches long! Lovely.
I have been having nightmares about scorpions and other native insects. While sweeping at work, I came across a dying cockroach. My coworker, calling me a sissy, swept it up and said they do not bother her, only spiders. I told her spiders do not bother me as much. I was proved wrong. Apparently, I did not even know what real bugs were until moving here. Later that day, we saw a gigantic black tarantula bathing in the sun right outside of our door, at work. A client, in the middle of getting his hair cut, came to all of us screaming girls' rescue, by standing up (drape and all), grabbing a broom and killing it. It was easily as big as my hand.

Peaches! <3 Summer is here! So what if they are from the grocery store?

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