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Greetings, Strangers! I am titling this the "Month of Love," because I am so far behind that I am only going to be able to catch up on the month of February with this post. What I need to do is update with shorter posts more regularly. Yeah, we will see if that happens.

Anyways... February. Let's start off with the weekend of the 8th. We made the 3hr drive to Albuqurque to escape Ros-hell and do some hiking. We were planning on hiking the famous La Luz trail, but after talking to some rangers, were discouraged and persuaded to try elsewhere. They said we would not be able to make it in our every-day sneakers, due to snow and ice, as one of them had attempted it the day before unsuccessfully.

We drove around, as I looked up more opportunities on my "All Trails" app. It listed another in the area (The Sandia Mountains), so we drove up and parked.

Upon exiting our car, it became apparent that this excursion would not be as scenic. There were few trees, and the trail seemed to stretch over the valley instead of up the mountains. We applied sunscreen and set off anyways. I wasn't leaving without some outdoor time.

The trail eventually made it up to the side of the Sandias and continued in it's wake. Being that close to an ariel view was too tempting, so we forfeited the trail in favor of scaling up the mountain's side on all fours. With some slipping and sliding, we managed to make it a decent ways up and stopped to drink some Gatorade and munch on some snacks. I took some panoramics and Spencer snapped some shots with his GoPro.

We had already lost a lot of daytime with our change of plans, so we didn't dally too long. As always, the way down was more treacherous than going up. I thought I might face-plant on to the slippery shale and granite. Spencer was a hero and helped guide me back down and got us to the bottom safely.

Up the mountain we go.
The rock we rested on.


Headed down.
Guiding me back down the mountain.

Dusty and dirty, we drove off in search of Albuquerque's Natural History and Science Museum, which a client of mine had recommended we check out. We forked over $7 a person and immediately made for the restrooms and washed our filthy rock-climbing hands.

The museum impressed us. Little did we know it's size, so we took our time at each exhibit. We were enthralled with the fossils and the history they revealed. So many had been found in New Mexico, and they were well labeled to show us where and which ones. I think we spent more time looking at dinosaur bones than anything else. We still were, too, when we heard them announce over the loud-speaker that they would be closing shortly. We power-walked over a bit more of the museum, but did not manage to see quite everything, before heading out.

We grabbed some dinner at Vinaigrette in Albuquerque before driving home. Spencer got a bomb-sandwich, and my salad was just okay. His credit card information was stolen that day, and this was the only place he used it. But then again, we suppose someone could have used one of those machines that steal it through your wallet and everything while we were at the museum. It did not stop us from visiting the restaurant again though, the next time we were in town, and ordering two of those bomb sandwiches. Only this time, we paid in cash.

Spencer wanted me to snap a picture of this, because he said he used to play on one of these during road trips. He thought it was hilarious that this is in a museum when he thinks it might still be in his parent's van.
Bill Gate's chair from his office in Albuquerque.

Mars Rover replica
Are we alone? Not in Roswell.

I was fascinated by this Sequoia's lifespan. It lived through the Declaration of Independence signing, the days of Christopher Columbus landing on it's shores, and the first Crusades.

Recent finding. Still being worked on.

These were some funky-looking fish. Spotted Gar are a primitive fish that can still be found in New Mexico.
Dino egg thief!


I had to work on Valentine's Day, but we got to enjoy each-other's company afterwards. I told him I did not want to go anywhere, that I'd rather stay at home and have a home-cooked meal and not make a big fuss out of it. He was a sweetie and made a heart-shaped home-made pizza from scratch. He even went the extra mile and added our initials in Bacon.

Gun-cleaning kit.

His feet freeze in the winter time in his boots, so he got some thermal Under Armor socks.
He got me some speed-loaders for my revolver.
Valentines Poem.

He surprised me with chocolate-covered fruit.


Fast forward to near the end of the month. The last Sunday in February, I believe it was. After some home-made whole-wheat waffles, we drove out to Carlsbad to do some more hiking. 

Using my All Trails app, I found the coordinates to one not too far away. I plugged them in to the GPS and we followed it all the way... out to the middle of an oil field. The smell of H2S gas was intense, and there was no trail head or trail in sight. Whatever those coordinates were, they were no where near correct. I googled the trail, and found the location was actually quite a distance away from where we now were. Frustrated, I searched the mobile internet for more trails in the area. 

As it turns out, there were quite a few trail options in the Carlsbad Caverns National Park. We turned around and made our way up the winding mountain road to the vistor center. We decided to take Guano Rd Trail, because it was only 3.5 miles and we were running out of time. We have a tendency for this, apparently. The parking lot was packed, but luckily we weren't there to see the cave this time. The trail-head was just past the entrance to the caverns, and we were able to see the opening as we made our way. As the main attraction is the caverns themselves, we came across not a single soul on our hike.

What the path lacked for in trees, it made up for in cactus. One could also look out for miles over the mountains and in to the valley. We enjoyed our time together and the peace we experienced during our walk. 

Spencer always manages to keep me laughing. He was inspired by the Albuquerque museum and was determined to find dinosaur bones like the ones we had heard of being found in the area. His passion and ability to dream make my heart swell with love. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him bounce around, looking under rocks for prehistoric finds.

In search of dino bones.

Such cool rocks. 
So entertaining! Haha.

Spencer's bat-rock. He threw it and it stuck in a cactus.

Carlsbad Caverns

Mountain goat. We saw a couple up there.


Here are some more pictures taken in February.
Geocaching in Roswell. Tiny ammo box.
Playing at the park.

Spencer made tamales.

Someone broke in to my car last month. They stole my bag of hair-cutting things right off the passenger seat. Clippers, scissors, combs, cape, etc. All of that combined with the window, would have been less than the insurance deductible. So we had to call it a loss and move on. Insurance fail. I am never leaving anything in my car ever again. This has propelled us in our desire to leave this town even more. The crime here is outrageous. Thus it's nickname: Ros-hell.

Running errands. I was sitting in the back, because there was still glass on the passenger seat that needed to be vacuumed. I was thankful he still held my hand.

Sunday lunch

I love him. He loves Reeses. So I made him "healthy" peanut butter cups. Coconut oil, cocoa powder and organic peanut butter.

I make him food before I go out of town, because I love him.
 I flew out of town for work again in February. Skyping Spence.
At the airport. I fell in love with this chocolate smoothie, and have been adding cocoa powder to our smoothies ever since.
My flight home to Roswell was cancelled again, so Spence picked me up in Albuquerque, where I flew in to instead. This was when we went to Vinaigrette again for sandwiches.

We got a bit of snow. It was so cold, I could not open my car door. Spencer saved the day once again by prying it open, then drove me to work.

Boys will be boys. He was wrestling with his coworker at work... Not innocent. That sewing machine came in handy.

We gave up on the laundry machines on our apartment's premises when our clothes started coming out dirtier then when they went in. A local laundromat is now getting our business while we watch episodes of Modern Family and don't realize everyone can hear us laughing.

Thanks everyone for caring! I will try to finish the update soon. XOXO

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