Dear Spencer

3:23 PM

Today Spencer turns 21. In an effort to make him feel special, I am dedicating this post in recognition. Please feel free to text, call or Facebook him your wishes. He enjoys hearing from you all, especially with us living so far away.
I will continue in letter form, as it will enable my thoughts to flow more freely.

Dear Spencer,

You are an incredible man, and a blessing not only in my life, but to all those you regularly interact with.

Anyone who has known you for any length of time, can testify to the happiness you manage to exude on a daily basis. Your light-hearted laughter brightens my days, and your guilty grins in juncture with your swirling crinkled nose brings out a playfulness in me that causes one to forget their worries.

It is an honor to witness daily your growth not only in stature, but strength of mind. Instead of getting in to a jumbled mess inside your head, you are able to keep focused while in discussion with acquaintances, family and friends. It is impressive, and I completely hand over the wheel to you when a verbal debate pops up. I am grateful that your strengths fill in areas of my weaknesses.

You have proven to be a staunch and amiable leader of our little family: spiritually, mentally and physically. There is no doubt in my mind that you will make a great father when the day comes. Your hard work and dedication has provided for and sheltered us well. I am extremely grateful.

Your moral standards are no secret, and I have seen you hold steadfast to them in the face of adversity and ridicule. They have guided your decisions and shaped you in to a mighty man and one to admire.

I am impressed with the responses you give when asked for advice, and I expect many more to come to you for it, as you grow in wisdom.

Balancing fun and seriousness you manage to make look easy, while still being sincere.

Being your wife has been the most fun I have ever had. You wake me and find me in the happiest of moods, because I am glad to see your smiling face. I look forward to every evening and weekend with you. Thanks for being so patient, even when I am emotional. You make me feel so loved.

Thank you for being an amazing human being and husband. Happy birthday, my love! May this year bring you all the happiness you are deserving of.

Love always,

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