April: Easter, Spencer's 21st, Camping, & More

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Hello! Here is the month of April told through photos and videos. (Excluding our anniversary trip.) Thanks for being a part of our lives!

Easter Sunday:

Holiday cinnamon rolls with eggs.

Church ready.

Tennis. Spencer's friend brought his puppy to play, too.

Roast and green bean casserole.

Spencer's birthday:

On the phone with Justin.
Pulled pork for dinner

Spencer shares a birthday with Logan, my youngest brother, so we Skyped my family and got to watch both of them open gifts.

Opening gift from the Jones family.
Card from Grandma Apostolos.
Card from his parents.
I love his nose wrinkle!
Opening the gift from his wife.
Lots of camping/hiking/survival stuff.

New overnight pack.

Pumpkin cheesecake. 21.

I love his excitement.
Oh my, what's that?

Camping in Ruidoso:

Spencer wanted to go camping for his birthday, so that weekend we did. Spencer's friend brought along his pit-bull puppy who took it upon herself to wake Spencer up in the morning by licking his face off.
After setting up camp, we took an afternoon nap and read a bit from the book of Job.

Muscles gathering firewood.

Spencer putting his birthday gifts to use. Here he is using flint and steel to start a fire in his pocket stove. It took him a while to get the hang of it, but he finally did. His first time starting a fire this way.

Hiking the next morning.

Man making fire.

Boiling water.

Cooking dinner.

She was so excited to be camping!

Family Photos:

More pictures:

I have jury duty June AND July. 3 hours away. Gross.

Taking "our" baby for a ride. We are the best babysitters/kidnappers.

Thanks for caring about us! XOXO

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