Photo Update: May/June & Sitting Bull Falls

3:18 PM

 Now for a May & June upate. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

 Memorial Day shooting with friends.

 Sewed myself a skirt.

"Healthy" brownies.

 Left: Logic puzzles while waiting on laundry.   Right: Browsing ammo.
Left: At friend's visiting. Right: Influencing each other to buy more toys.

To the airport we go.
Went to Cali in June again over a weekend for Spencer's brother Andrew's wedding.

Leatherbys with family before we catch our flight home.


 Sitting Bull Falls

Walked to the top.
View from above.
Exploring. We hiked upriver for a ways.

Chose to play in the water above the waterfall. It was so hot out.

 We need more places to swim in New Mexico.

Sunset frisbee. The sunsets in the desert are phenomenal.

Tornado right next to my work. Freaked me out. We're not in California anymore...
 Working Man

Catch ya next time!

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