August: Ruidoso Camping & The Return to Nogal

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This time I am keeping it brief. Our month of August told through photos.

My best friend since childhood, Kaitlyn, stopped by for a visit on her road trip out to Utah! I was SO happy to see her, as it had been almost two years since the last time (she went on a Mormon mission).
Visiting our favorite Chinese restaurant in town before they close. Hunan. 

We invested in a new camera, so I have been making my wonderful husband model for me.

He needs somebody to play with. I get shot a lot.
This hunk makes pizza from scratch every Sunday.

Camping in Ruidoso:
We planned to spend a relaxing weekend in the White Mountain Wilderness. That night around 1am however, the weather decided to stir things up. The thunder gave us a rude awakening and sent us packing, as we were not too keen to find out how weather-proof the tent was. We got home around 2 in the morning, but enjoyed the time spent together.
All manly.

Can't beat the view.

Easy camp dinner.

Trying out our hammock. What a crack up!

I could cuddle with you forever.

He knows how real men make fire. ;) Lighters and matches are for the weak. Hehe.

Date night done right.

Arriving home from work. Always happy to see this man.

Evening walk.

The sunsets here are always colorful!

Nogal Peak: The Return
This was one of the last weekends in August. We were quite sore from the previous day's gym work-out, but we didn't want to waste a weekend, so we headed back to Nogal. It had been a year since we conquered that mountain. My car protested by boiling coolant and worrying us. Luckily it made it home without issues afterwards, but we have since only driven it sparingly. We don't consider it worth the cost of fixing, as we are in search of new vehicles.
Signing the log book.

So many ladybugs!! (You can click the picture to enlarge.)

Our Simba hill.

Exploring abandoned buildings in town. I was anticipating a zombie attack, but luckily we only got bit by mosquitoes.

We are loving life together!

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