Santa Fe: Bandelier National Monument

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Photo Entry of our weekend in Santa Fe Labor Day weekend (September 6-7th), visiting Bandelier National Monument and other landmarks in the Jemez mountain area. We explored the town of Santa Fe the first evening and camped at a KOA, ready to embark farther north the next day to Los Alamos.

Spence is a sucker for Papa Murphys' text coupon deals.

Santa Fe's St Francis Catherdral:
Santa Fe, NM

St Francis Cathedral. Santa Fe, NM

Exploring town

Entering the cathedral

Mass beginning 

Bandelier National Monument:
Bandelier National Monument

Dwelling remains

Spencer and his buddy Matt.  Matt met up with us to see Bandelier.

Who needs ladders?

Matt seeing what's inside Spence climbing in to the dwelling

Petroglyphs adorned the walls

They're adorable

After visiting Bandelier, we decided to go try hiking to a waterfall in the area. Pulling up to the little-bitty parking lot however, we were confronted with no open spaces. Along the road were numerous "no parking anytime" signs that were nearly hidden with cars parking along the entire road. Some donned parking tickets, many didn't. We didn't want to take our chances however, and continued on to the next site to see.

Soda Dam:
At Soda Dam

Soda Dam
Gilman Tunnels:

We just watched the Maze Runner 2 movie a couple weeks ago (after visiting here) and I was positive that the scene where the kids meet The Right Arm was at this location. Spencer was doubtful. Afterwards, convinced I was correct, I googled the filming location, and sure enough they filmed Scorch Trials in the Albuquerque area. Two sets of tunnels at Gilman Tunnels. Gilman Tunnels

Driving home

Thanks for following along!

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