Family Flood

7:53 AM

Near the end of September one evening, Roswell flooded. Stepping outside as soon as it let up, we were astonished. Spencer made a comment about how it was deep enough we could use our inner tube on it. Although he wasn't serious, I could see the brilliance in his idea and encouraged him to follow through. He ran inside to blow it up and floated down the road, much to the neighbors across the streets' delight. The cars that drove by would wag their fingers at him, but it didn't damper his mood. I would say it was cleaner than the Pecos River we had visited over the summer, too. We have been getting a lot more rain here than our California family and friends (albeit that isn't saying much). The flood even put Roswell in the news.

That smile though.

Wearing my "I Will Not Comply with Unconstitutional Law" t-shirt on Constitution Day.
Watching the lunar eclipse, blood moon and super moon all rolled in to one night.

Spencer's line boots.
In the middle of a deep discussion, he interrupted himself saying "I have a beard." It took me aback, and I wondered what he was talking about until I looked at him...
We almost bought this beautiful 4Runner. His friend talked him out of it last minute, convincing him it wasn't a good deal, so we are still on the hunt.

In October, I (Kaley) flew out to California to visit my family. It was nice to spend more than a weekend there. I got to watch my brother play soccer, play games with my family, see all their animals, and visit with my extended family. I road-tripped back home with Spencer's parents, who came out to visit us for an extended weekend.

Cat peeking over my suitcase. My parents foster them.

They're so adorable! How could you not let them out to play?

Family game night.

Who can do the most jumping jacks? Hint: Trevor. But it was very close!

At my grandparents'. One of my many adorable cousins who I don't see enough of. I can't believe how big he is!
Cousin Jesi and I.
Mom & Grandma. Lovely ladies. Glad I have their genes.

Logan's soccer game.
Visiting with Mavy girls.

What Spencer's *line* of work has to deal with. Hehe.
Spencer went dove hunting while I was gone with his buddy. A first for him, and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. Turns out I didn't have to be too worried about him starving while I was away.

Can't visit Cali without getting In-N-Out a few times.
My mom drove me by my first childhood home in Citrus Heights. They took out the one tree in the front yard I remember crashing in to in my little kid jeep.
Left: Jake and I.        Right: Playing chess with my brother-in-law.

Can't wait to put these on our car window.

Spencer's parents came to visit. Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta (largest international hot air balloon event):
Up before dawn. It was coooold.

Lazer show

Take off!

Loved the penguins

Sandia Peak Tramway in Albuquerque the next day:

Hiking to the old limestone cabin up on the mountain.

No fear...

Carlsbad Caverns:

Anyone up for a climb?

In case you were wondering where Spencer got his big heart... these lovely people. So glad they came to see us!

Th-th-th-that's all, folks!

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