Halloween 2015

7:03 PM

White Sands National Monument:
We took a trip to White Sands to take pictures for our Christmas cards this year. In October! Forming good habits now. I will attach the Christmas themed ones and the one we are using for our cards as the holiday draws closer. For now, here are the other casual, fun ones.

Why don't we just dance. Got to put those west coast swing dance lessons to use.

Carrying our props and things. What a stud.
Sunset over the sand.
Tourists sledding down the dunes.

Fall puts me in a baking mood. These are my favorite "Skinny Brownies." No sugar (real maple syrup in its place) and whole wheat flour. But does anyone else have a hard time allowing brownies to "cool completely" before eating?

Whole wheat crepes for breakfast

Pumpkin whole-wheat waffles. I also like to add pumpkin this time of year to our banana pancakes that we eat most mornings.

Spencer has a hard time throwing away worn-out clothing. I tried helping it along and ripped it further, to little avail. Eventually it got the point where I basically had to tug it off entirely.

You can call me Misses Barrow.

Halloween with the Barrows:
The most comfortable lounging position.
My pie got a fever... The pie plate was too shallow/there was too much filling, so it overflowed. After cleaning up the mess and putting it in the oven, I found it bubbling which contributed to the burn bubble spots. Luckily this didn't affect the taste, as all that browned was the thin bubble layer.

We went to four different stores on Halloween day (procrastinators) in search of pumpkins. Everywhere was sold out. All we could find were little 2lb cooking ones at Albertsons. Spencer didn't take into consideration that because of the size, he'd need a larger hole to fit his hand in to clean it out.
Harry Potter while carving pumpkins. What better movie to accompany the holiday? Goblet of Fire, in case you were wondering.

Clone from Star Wars (Spencer's) and the Mockingjay symbol from Hunger Games (Kaley's). We sketched our own markings onto the pumpkins with a crayon before carving. Magnific.

For some reason, it looked smaller each time I looked.
Not bad for mini jack-o-lanterns.

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