Thanksgiving Week

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Kaley's family made the drive to Roswell for the week of Thanksgiving. Spencer was set to have the weekend off beginning Thursday, so Kaley asked for the week off to entertain them the rest of the time. They arrived Monday evening, so Tuesday while Spencer worked, we played Tennis at the park and my mom and I (Kaley) went on a run. Since my brothers had awoke, they were asking me when Spencer would be home. When he finally did, he was tackled; and they probably kept our neighbor up with their wrestling.
Spencer told us that there was a change of plans at work, and that they would be leaving out of town on Thanksgiving for an ice storm job in Amarillo. We decided to have our Thanksgiving feast Wednesday, so Spencer would be there. I made a chocolate cheesecake the night before, and Wednesday morning started prep for the meal. I stuck potatoes to mash and a green bean casserole in crock-pots - leaving stuffing, jello, rolls and gravy to be prepared later. Spencer prepped the turkey Sunday night, so all we had to do was cook it. The meal was delicious and we all ate too much.
Thursday afternoon,  Spencer had to leave, so we used the morning to go shooting with him. Later that evening, the rest of us watched the new Hunger Games movie.
Friday was a cold, wet one, so we stayed in our apartment. Laying down a tarp, I cut everybody's hair and touched-up my mom's highlights. We played games, including Monopoly, Sequence and Rook, until past midnight.
They said their goodbyes this morning, and I tried not to shed too many tears. I schemed to keep some of my brothers, to little avail. Let's hope Spencer comes home soon to keep me company and so we can put up our Christmas tree. The poor guy hasn't had much sleep the last couple of days.
We were happy to get the time we had with family, and look forward to seeing them when we are out for Christmas. I'm sure it will be here before we know it!
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Boys will be boys
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Thanksgiving visit-046
Food baby
Thanksgiving visit-050Thanksgiving visit-052Thanksgiving visit-063Thanksgiving visit-069Thanksgiving visit-070
Thanksgiving visit-071
Chocolate Cheesecake
Thanksgiving visit-074Thanksgiving visit-075Thanksgiving visit-078
Thanksgiving visit-080
Last one at the table
Thanksgiving visit-082Thanksgiving visit-086Thanksgiving visit-088Thanksgiving visit-090
Thanksgiving visit-091 - Copy - Copy
Apple pie oatmeal for breakfast
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Game Night-052Game Night-001Game Night-005Game Night-014Game Night-022
Game Night-039
They couldn't guess "frisk"
Game Night-041Game Night-018
Spencer working in Texas
Come home safe, Babe.

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