Colorado Cousins

11:50 AM

Back in February Spence and I got another opportunity to visit family in Colorado. We headed up Friday after work, but got a late start, so we had to get a hotel before we even reached state line. The next morning we woke up before the sun to get there by 9am. Spencer had a 10:30 appointment with JaShon, my uncle who also happens to be a talented dentist. While he was getting his cavities drilled out, I got to visit with the rest of the fam and play board games with my cousins. Spence brought us back milkshakes from Chick-fil-A and joined in a game of Monopoly.

The boys had received air-soft guns for Christmas and were anxious to use them, so after we all went out to Larkburger for dinner had an evening game. JaShon probably got the worst of it with the bleeding welts on his back, but Elijah had a nice one on his arm from being a willing test subject for his father.

The next morning the game continued, until they had to go to church and us make the journey home. This trip went by much too fast; we are hoping the next one we will have more time to visit.

 Spencer dropped something on his big toe at work Friday, and that whole weekend it was swollen and achy. We knew a hike was out of the question, but still wanted to stop somewhere on the way back. We thought to give the zoo in Colorado Springs a try. My aunt, Vanessa, warned us it was hilly walk, but upon arrival he felt up to the task.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo had a gorgeous set up, and was an enjoyable side-stop. Spencer bought overpriced lettuce leaves from a zoo attendant to feed the giraffes. The long-necks gifted us with some of their slobber for keepsake.

Many of the exhibits allowed you to get quite close to the inhabitants. There was nothing but a layer of glass separating us from a lion cub, gorilla, tiger, jaguar, orangutans, and the like.

In other news... we bought a car! We happened to be in Albuquerque and decided we might as well stop by the Toyota dealership we were shopping right next to (we've been searching for a good deal on a vehicle for over a year). The salesman actually worked with us (unlike the ones in Roswell) and they didn't refuse the amount of cash we had brought with us (just in case we found something). Of course, they tried to get us on payments for the rest of the amount they were asking for, but we knew it was priced too high/priced to negotiate. Sure enough, they did. We will be selling the red corolla hopefully soon. It has served us well and has never broken down, but it has some problems of it's own - including making Spencer roll down the window every time he needs to open the driver door. Scroll down for pictures of our new baby blue!

Dazzling scenery
Rescuers, anyone?
^Got to watch Elijah's basketball game
^Went to Florida in January.^
I have to make them "skinny" to make up for the mountain of whip cream.
Spence drives this all day.
^Cauliflower alfredo sauce. So much yum!

We bought another Camry! From Toyota in Albuquerque.

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