Easter 2016

10:58 AM

Kaley had another opportunity to visit Colorado while Spencer flew to see family. Spencer was able to visit with his sister, Cassidy, in Washington state for the first time in a while.

Kaley's parents were visiting the Hughes family, making Denver the perfect meeting spot. It was nice to have time with family. A visit was attempted to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo that week, but spring break found it packed, so we opted instead to take the kids to a playground and take a scenic drive through Colorado Springs.

After her visit, Spencer picked Kaley up at midnight from the Albuquerque airport and they bunked out in a nearby hotel. The following morning we visited The Egg & I breakfast spot, where we had last visited with Spencer's parents during the balloon festival. Spencer ordered custom pineapple-waffles, and I apple-cinnamon-granola pancakes. 
With our bellies filled, we found our way to Petroglyph National Monument - on the other side of the city. The blustering wind fought our progression as we started the hike. We ate so much dust; it almost convinced us to retreat to the Camry. Persevering, we were rewarded a short ways later spotting a petroglyph, and climbed the black rocks to get a closer glimpse. Hopping from rock to rock, we made our way farther, snapping photos of the ancient artwork, before turning around and making our way back home.

Once back in Roswell, we stopped at multiple brick-and-mortars, hunting for a supply of Easter candy that had not yet been depleted. It was the day before Easter, and Target was the only structure we found still had a selection of holiday candy. We both grabbed a basket and split to do our own Easter shopping.

The next morning we had a breakfast of German Pancakes, while Spencer read out-loud the story of Christ's resurrection from the Bible. Afterwards, we attended Easter service. Following worship, we came home to get into the baskets of goodies we had set up for each other the previous night. It was apparent we had bought too many sweets. Disc golf was our calorie-burner of choice that afternoon, before a pot roast feast.

Sinkhole they drove over while Spence was working.
Spencer slept walked while he was in Washington^
Charlotte's adorable toesies.

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