Day 3: Philadelphia

5:27 PM

We woke up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on morning 3, ate breakfast, and prepared our peanut butter and honey sandwiches.

Our first stop was to see Thomas Mill Bridge - the oldest covered bridge still standing in Philadelphia. After some confusion on where to park, we hiked the relatively short distance to it's location.

From there we made our way to the city itself. Driving through Philly was a bit chaotic - one way roads are no fun. We couldn't wait to get in a parking garage. I used an app on my phone to find the cheapest within reasonable walking distance of where we were going. 

With our car garaged, we made our way to the Liberty Bell in Independence National Park. On the way we passed through Washington Square and right before the bell found Independence Hall. You know... the one Ben Gates and Co. went in for the clue? What can I say, I love that movie. This is where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were adopted. The Liberty Bell was replaced here by the Centennial Bell.

At the Liberty Bell itself we experienced another round of security screening before we were allowed up close. At the gift shop we picked up a matching magnet for our fridge (we collect them each trip).

We got to see a fair amount of the city. Christ's Church's burial grounds was a must, where Benjamin Franklin is buried - my hero since childhood. We also got to see Betsy Ross's grave and house. A United States Mint is in Philadelphia as well, and we toured inside and got to witness them creating our coins. No pictures were allowed inside though. Can't have evidence of them inflating our dollar now can we?

We noticed a lot of orthodox jews, with their heads shaved except for above their ears with long side curls, complete with yarmulkas. Also what looked like Quakers or Amish in the city. The old style dresses and bonnets felt like we were a few hundred years back.

After exploring the city we made our way farther north, stopping at the Delaware Crossing site, before arriving at our hotel in New Jersey. This was the nicest and priciest hotel we stayed at on our trip. We slept there two nights, as there was so much to see in New York City the next day. The toilet had an attached bidet, which we got a kick out of.

We went to bed weary travelers, content with our trip thus far.

Thomas Mill Covered Bridge
Independence Hall
Benjamin Franklin's grave
Quite the resume
Quaker meeting house
Betsy Ross's house
Elfreth's Alley - oldest contiuously  inhabited residential street dating back to 1702!
Washington Square - Memorial to unknown soldiers of American Revolution
City Hall
Board Game Art Park
Philadelphia Museum of Art - Rocky Steps
Rocky Statue
Continental Lane - road over which Washington's army began it's march to Trenton.
Delaware River crossing site

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