Day 7: Oh Canada

8:19 AM

The 7th day of our road trip up the east coast began in the waterfall capital of the world - Hamilton, Ontario.

First off was breakfast, as we were hoping we would get lucky and find some real Canadian maple syrup. I'm not sure we did, but we did have a few helpings of the delicious blueberry kind. The bus lady must have been thinking Spencer was mathematically challenged, as he took a couple minutes to work out a proper tip amount in Canadian coins. After explaining our citizenship, she exhaled a sigh of relief and got to talking about their money.

Included on our stop list that day was Devil's Punchbowl and Albion Falls, followed by a drive north to check out Cheltenham Badlands. Unfortunately the badlands were taped off to visitors, as they are in the process of devising a means for tourists to visit without harming the formations, so we could only gaze on. We continued east to Scarborough Bluffs, where Spencer stopped my heart getting too close to the edge for comfort. With time to spare, we decided to visit Toronto for dinner, before continuing back down to Hamilton to see Webster Falls, and making our way once again to Niagara to see how the falls are lit at night.

During our travels, we encountered the 407 (electronic) toll road. Before we knew what it was, the GPS had led us onto it. With a quick google search, I discovered it was one of the most expensive toll roads North America has to offer. As soon as we could, we exited, but the rental car company later sent us the bill of $20+ dollars. Luckily, Enterprise - who we rented through - doesn't charge astronomical processing fees like many rental companies. Be forewarned should you decide to visit.

Seeing Niagara Falls lit up in rotating colors was more magical than it had been visiting during daylight hours. Being dark and misty, it was hard to get clear photos, so you will have to check it out in person to witness the full beauty.

Although we had a bit of Monopoly/Canadian money left over, we decided to spend the night on the US side, so we could make the most of the half-day we had the next day before catching our flight home. We hit the sack in Niagara, content with our long trip and ready to make the journey home.
Devil's Punchbowl
Albion Falls
Cheltenham Badlands
Scarborough Bluffs
Notice the flowers on the left? I was seriously afraid I would have to leave more for Spencer.
Got a kick out of the "Washrooms"
I don't remember what the name of this waterfall was.
Niagara Falls
Webster Falls

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