Day 8: Buffalo

8:11 AM

Our last morning in the eastern US was spent at the Buffalo, NY zoo. It was a nice change of pace, not having to worry about a million other stops that day; we enjoyed the peaceful stroll around the zoo, hand in hand, looking at the animals. It was nice to unwind before driving to the nearby airport to drop off our rental car and catch our 5pm flight back to Albuquerque.

There wasn't any trouble with our flights that day. Our layover on the way back was through Chicago (Midway), an airport we hadn't yet visited.

We didn't get into Albuquerque until 9pm, so we booked a hotel for the night in the city; that way we wouldn't have to worry about driving home until the next day. There were not many options, as it turns out there was a big event in town, thus many hotels were full. I finally found what appeared a suitable option (I won't book without good reviews and a fair price). Upon arrival,  however, we were informed the hotel was overbooked, but the manager could clean out a room that the maids hadn't gotten to that day. We were assured it would be ready in 20 minutes. Around an hour later, as we were about ready to fall asleep in our car, we were informed the room was ready for us. Relieved, we went to it, but upon opening the door, realized the manager's standards of "clean" were sub-par. I didn't want to take off my shoes or crawl in the bed, but I was so tired at that point. Spencer, seeing that I was ready to break down, assured me he would be fine driving home that night, and I would be able to sleep in the car. After a bit of convincing, I agreed, and my hero husband drove us -after a long day- home.

The experiences we went through on that trip we won't forget. It was a perfect way to spend our second anniversary of marriage, growing closer together. I am so grateful to have such a sweet, caring, manly husband; he makes an excellent life partner.

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