Justin's Visit

10:37 AM

Not long after we got back from our anniversary trip, Spencer's brother Justin flew in to Roswell for a visit. He wanted to come as a birthday present to Spence and surprise him. I picked Justin up from the airport and we waited for Spence to get home. When he did, I had Justin wait on our front porch while I told Spence that we received a package, but it was still on our doorstep. He seemed confused as to why I hadn't gotten it already, but went to check. Justin was there waiting for him with a huge grin and surprise! Spencer had no idea he was coming, and was thrilled to see him. I got a bit teary eyed watching them reunite.

Being that this was Justin's first visit to Rowell, we made sure to introduce him to the caverns in Carlsbad - a must see for anyone visiting southern New Mexico. He also brought some frisbees to join us for a round of disc golf at the park. The few days he was here gave us a fair amount of time with him. The days Spence worked, I taught Justin how to watercolor, we played tennis at the court, and many board games. We enjoyed having his company, and I loved watching their brotherly bonding. It didn't take them long to revert to childhood with wrestling. We were sad to see him go, but happy he was able to visit.

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