Horseshoe Bend

3:28 PM

I've fallen a bit behind in updates (I blame pregnancy fatigue- it was no joke during that first trimester), but memorial weekend we took another spur-of-the-moment road trip with the goal being to visit Zion National Park. I had a few other stops calculated out as well. 

As usual, we left Friday after work, drove until we were tired and found a campsite for the night. USA RV park was true to its patriotic name, although being located next to railroad tracks made sleep difficult. We boiled water for oatmeal and hot chocolate the following morning and prepared PBNJ for later consumption.

The next day's sight-seeing agenda had us stopping in Arizona to see Horseshoe Bend - a section of the Grand Canyon we had been dying to see since our first trip! It was gorgeous! We sat on the edge and soaked in the view.

Not far from that was Antelope Canyon - another popular tourist trap. Let me tell you, this is a literal TRAP! After stealing a but load of our money ($8 each person just to park, plus an additional $20 per person entry ticket for the lower canyon) we waited for HOURS for our time slotted tour (it was packed being memorial weekend). After being delayed multiple times, we decided to call it quits and spend the remainder of our time on something more productive. 

Disappointed and agitated, we headed to Zion. It took our breath away driving in. Upon entering the park, we discovered how the shuttle system worked. Our hopes were to hike The Narrows that night, but we were informed we wouldn't have enough time before the last shuttle. 

We decided to call it a day (just driving through the park was a sight to see), grab some grub and find a place to pitch a tent. Every campsite in the area turned out to be completely full! By this time we were exhausted and at our wit's ends. 

Luckily, we discovered a rental shop had quarter machine showers so we could clean up before figuring out our next course of action. Spencer talked to the guy manning the shop and he suggested a patch of private land available to campers. Driving in the dark, we managed to find aforementioned spot and settle in for the night. We love the adventure this self-brought-on exhaustion returns us.

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