Monument Valley

5:27 PM

Memorial Day was the final day of our Zion road trip. We made the most of our drive back to Roswell, stopping at multiple locations. Although Spence is the main driver in our fam, I relieved him by driving part of the distance, letting him nap.

First was a visit to Coral Pink Sand Dunes, where we snapped lots of photos. While it can not compare to White Sands, it was pretty neat. We still have some of that pink sand in our car tracked in from our shoes. 

From there we drove through Monument Valley and by Mexican Hat rock. Next was a visit to Four Corners, where the reservation makes you pay to stand in line to take up to two pictures per person at the corner markings. The final detour was to get a glimpse of Shiprock in northern New Mexico, peaking nearly sixteen hundred feet from the ground.

Although the dirt washed off and tans from this trip faded, the memories will last us a life time. We covered a lot of country in one weekend on yet another spontaneous road trip!


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